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Venice and Walnuts

Late Sunday – Flying high!!! …
Laresa struggles with crutches at airport
Wheelchair transport has become an increasingly attractive option for our intrepid Laresa Kosloff who is coming to terms with the restrictive reality of a leg in cast and the task ahead of moving around Venice’s cobbled streets, numerous bridges and up three flights of stairs to the apartment …we must plot the most expedient itinerary for her and wheelchair back up. Many enquiries about the leg met with Laresa’s diplomatic response ‘Oh, something silly, cast will be coming off soon’. We are enjoying the airport treatment of  ‘special handling’.

In Advance of A Broken arm…; Hand to Mouth…The Beaux Arts Statutes…Rodin..we are counting artists and plaster pieces to try and go to sleep ….zzzzz
Stuart hasn’t slept so far (give the boy a walnut!)* but is looking perky, pleased with his preparations and the addition of a prop that he has brought along with him. So far he is still in the same space/time continuum as the rest of us (but what is the same space/time continuum up here above the clouds?) . But we think it would be handy if he could unlock the secret to teleportation.  No sign of volcanic ash yet!

Anastasia’s ‘special luggage’ got the royal treatment in the plane’s cockpit, the many well wishes along the way are providing important encouragement and support.  The Jungian pull of bridal-ness is lodged so firmly in the psyche that even the bloke whose bags had to be moved along seemed beneficent.  Freda …. Emin….Madonna…Les Meninas…Madonna (the other one) we are still counting …
*handy flying tip: Walnuts have natural melatonin



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