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Venice – biennale is imminent

You know a biennale is imminent when the people dressed in black count goes up radically and there are many who travel in small packs with a sense of purpose about them. The ferry strike slowed everything down a bit – the calm before the storm ?  but we managed to get where we needed to: flat shoes essential and plenty of water. Many more familiar faces and a lot of activity around the very well sign posted New Zealand pavilion just around from the Accademia Bridge. Less than 24 hours to go and the building sense of anticipation is almost palpable in the air or is that just for us art lovers ???

Laresa has been talking to her knees, psyching them up for the day ahead, finalising when and where to go and the ways she will approach artists to sign her cast. She has been thinking about accessibility on lots of levels: physically and socially as well as conceptually. Franz West is at the top of her list. Her growing wish list also includes Martin Creed, Katarina Fritsch, Roman Ondak, Pipilotti Rist, James Tyrell and Cindy Sherman. We are thinking to keep our eye out for some other favourites like Nairy Baghramian, Monika Sosnowska and Trisha Donnelly. The cast will attend the Vernissage tomorrow… special thanks to Marg for her virtuoso plaster work.

Nostro Starship é rotto
Stuart’s people have had a practice run in the zone, that space between the here and now and some other place …They may be seen out in Venice Wednesday evening.

Tonight is the night, a perfect clear sky, tolling church bells and Anastasia prepped to step out for a dry run.



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