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Venice – Clash of the brides

Madonna!! There is another bride stalking our Anastasia.  German she is.  Buxom and rather Bavarian…

Like bees to pot they come

Anastasia arrives like a vision in front of Maria della Salute the quintessence of Venetian baroque churches… She has proposals. She is a star.  People want to touch her as if she is heaven sent..

She enters San Marco Square and the people gather and want to be near her. The Indian crowd need photos with her…she is a diety


Laresa’s obstacle course continues as she traverses the cobblestones, the stairs, the bridges and the vaporetto system in search of the illusive final autograph. We are hoping she might get her final autograph soon.

Darn! From afar Joseph Kosuth has just called hello, but he is in a vaporetto on his way to the /Giardini we guess, and we are on the fondamenta.

Meanwhile Italian women insist on congratulating Anastasia for being so clever as to be married without a husband. She is the bride of Venice we all agree.

We are now resting in the shade at the Florian Cafe on San Marco Square in the Napolean corridor, and still the well wishes come. They ask are you happy, take photos and smile.

While stuart is still contemplating the art of teleporting a treker couple have been spotted at dusk in st marcos having their photo taken by a gondolier and likely fellow treker tonight we hear they are preparing to move beyond …



One thought on “Venice – Clash of the brides

  1. Laresa – you obviously had a great time in Venezia. I note your plaster is off – that’s great. However you have been using the crutch in the wrong hand. It shoud be in the hand on the opposite side to the injury. If still using – this might be useful. It distributes the weight more evenly.
    Trust me, I’m a doctor.
    Best Wishes
    Peter Arndt, 992 Lygon St CARLTON NORTH VIC

    Posted by Peter Arndt | 08/06/2011, 9:24 pm

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