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Venice – its about time it’s about space

We have been thinking about Stuart and his project to harness the opportunities of teleportation.  Historically it’s worth mentioning that artists have, particularly through the twentieth century, been concerned with ‘another dimension’.  That elusive, allusive place where lingers the ineffable and strange.  Malevich and his quest to unlock the 4th dimension comes to mind, as does Yves Klein’s becoming one-with-space, leap into the void.  Stuart’s experiments are part of a long and revered legacy of the immaterial.

In the spirit also of Dadaist manifestations, Stuart’s pursuit of his subject through the agency of super-characters and Sci-Fi heroes taps into the historical precedents here in Venice where momentarily, the galaxy of art luminaries manage feats, mad, and crazy in an attempt to conjure up some alchemical magic  and utter nonsense for the stupefied crowd who trudge onwards into dark places and strange rooms to witness and feel transformation.

The immaterial and the material
While it might be the case that Stuart is questing for the intangible…here the vibe of the Biennale is quite material. Bice Curiger’s selections have a load with them…a kind of tolerance for the bricolage, accumulated and the additional … there is less ephemerality and more ‘stuff’…if we can put it that way…more tangible substance, textures and 3 dimensionality.  Not junk.  this is a refined kind of dertritus…a planned collapse of things…we will ponder that



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