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Instructions for a Pop Song pops-up at ACCA

After a late night installing and some technical challenges to overcome, ACCA Pop-Up proudly opened today with its latest exhibition Idiolect: Instructions for a Pop Song by Danae Valenza.

Five musicians were asked by Danae to follow the same instructions in composing a simple A-A-B-A pop song on their respective instruments. Each person plays to the same key, tempo, time, and song structure. Inside the rusty shipping container we can hear the quintet synchronized and playing the complete arrangement together. From their separate TVs of course.

The result of this ‘musical collaboration’ is melodic and pretty damn successful.

In her work Danaeā€™s explores inter-subjectivity and communication; the way we form relationships and the dynamics of traditional or ritualistic forms of social interaction.

Check out this musical masterpiece showing until Sunday, 11.30am – 2.30pm.
Full program on the ACCA website –


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