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Biatta Kelly now showing at the ACCA Pop-Up

The ACCA forecourt Pop-Up opened today with new Biatta Kelly’s Following the Flows of Becoming. 

Her work centers on the notion ofbecoming’ as finality, and documents the objects journey to this final state. Weaving throughout this project is Biatta’s current PHD research centered around these ideas. Degradation of the materials will occur throughout the week, with the exhibition essentially changing everyday. Despite the decay it’s oh so beautiful in there!

Biatta’s work moves between jewellery, sculpture, video and installation to explore material processes with a focus on metallurgy and alchemy.

Biatta describes art as a “complex activity of multiple levels of becoming” and instills this notion into her installations. The development and realisation of Art Movements and trends throughout history can be pondered while witnessing the evolution and eventual destruction of her objects.

The message is conveyed using clean and minimal devices – illustrating the beauty of such transitional stages rather than displaying a darker side of the same idea; rot and decomposition.

Find it in the rusty shipping container in the ACCA forecourt 11.30am – 2.30pm daily (this week only!)



One thought on “Biatta Kelly now showing at the ACCA Pop-Up

  1. Coolest ping pong table every… even if its art its seriously awesome

    Patar Nosters Art

    Posted by PatarNoster | 06/02/2012, 11:06 pm

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