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ACCA Pop-Up final week. Sunshine and Ping-Pong.

Come down to ACCA’s forecourt for a light-hearted yet intellectually stimulating game of ping-pong and be part of our fifth and final exhibition in the Pop-Up program; ‘Tournament’ by Laura Cashman!

Laura’s work is a site specific response to ACCA’s north forecourt which is normally a desolate wasteland of gravel. The sun is out and the game is on!

Harnessing ‘participatory’ or ‘relational’ art, Laura Cashman’s work here is a direct response to the growing number of public table tennis tables sprouting up around the globe. Relocating and reforming not only the tables themselves but this new found love of table tennis in public spaces, Laura creates a communal and audience friendly place for intellectual exchange.

But is is all fun and games? It’s not as easy as I remember… the round table, is divided into four and rendered almost unusable. What rules apply now?

The rectangular ping pong table inside the container is long and narrow to the point that effective participation is almost impossible to achieve… without bouncing a few balls off the container walls that is.

Halfway through my game I had a feeling that by participating in this game, I had unintentionally set myself up for failure.

“I participate, you participate, they profit”.

‘Tournament’ aims to highlight the difficulties of effective communication and exchange in contemporary society, and certainly does it in an engaging way. Join the crew at ACCA for a match, open 11.30am – 2.30pm for the rest of this week, or come along on Friday night, 5.00pm – 7.00pm for the unofficial championship and Pop-Up closing party.




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