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Angus Cameron: Looking for Headless in the Rialto

Delving deeper into the world of Headless, Cameron focused today’s presentation on the Trickster!

Looking back across history to various representations of the trickster (both devil and fool), Cameron mined a visual archive of philanthropists, politicians, artists and more before asking us to consider where the immortal trickster resides in contemporary life. It seems the answer is money, money and money!

Given value only through collective belief and law, money makes the world go round. Stop to consider its conception, evolution and value, however, and one quickly realises how integral and yet valueless it can be rendered. Cameron offered an incredibly stimulating talk that brought together a vast drift net of ideas, beliefs and representations into one cohesive and thought provoking assessment of the financial world in which we function.

Taking place in the Regus Boardroom located in Melbourne’s Rialto Tower, the talk was lent a covert air of corporate intervention. The boardroom, it seemed, was the perfect stage for Cameron to take us on another journey of questioning and startling revelation.

Visit to read more about Angus Cameron’s thinking about tricksters and the symbiotic relationship between money and merde!

Looking for Headless, Angus Cameron at the Rialto

Looking for Headless, Angus Cameron at the Rialto




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