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Ridin’ along on the pushbikes, honey

We’ve had visiting artist Jacqueline Donachie with us last week…part of The Common Guild/ACCA Glasgow/Melbourne alliance juggernaut of activities rolling out over this year.  Jackie and the intrepid Jane Rhodes rode the length and breadth of Melbourne scoping out sites and routes for a forthcoming major public art event which we will wheel out early next year as part of our DESIRE LINES exhibition and events.

They rode the by-ways, by-passed the highways and, aghmmm, might have dismounted for a couple of hills. (yeah they did) On the week long riding mission they checked out many Melbourne hoods, via the bikepaths, footpaths and streets of the ‘Roy to South K, around the Lake and up the guts of Carlton via Canning St, they circumnavigated the G and took the scenic route along both sides of the Yarra and rode all the way to Docklands. Jackie was on the search for quality pavement, vistas, road curves and the perfect round-a-bout which of course we have aplenty in Melbourne and it’s environs.

We’re excited!  We’re going to need riders and energy for this one…we’ll call on you later.  Oh and we need a helicopter…if you have one and want to help us out, please let us know!

Many thanks to our helpful friends at Jelly Bean Bikes….cool wheels for types who like their bikes colour coordinated and architectonic…check ‘em out here:

Jacqueline Donachie - Slow Down

Jacqueline Donachie – Slow Down

Jacqueline Donachie - Slow Down

Jacqueline Donachie – Slow Down

Jacqueline Donachie - Slow Down

Jacqueline Donachie – Slow Down



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