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Melbourne Slow Down


Curious what all these chalk lines you’ve been seeing around Melbourne are? Wondering where you’ll end up if you follow the colourful patterns?

*** HINT: All Roads Lead to ACCA


On Sunday 3 March, 100 bike riders participated in an artwork by leading Scottish contemporary artist Jacqueline Donachie. The coloured lines you see on the streets mark the paths of the riders and create a giant multi-coloured line drawing throughout the city.

The teams met bright and early in five different locations in Melbourne – Albert Park, Docklands, Southbank, Carlton and Fitzroy to fit the chalk dispensing contraptions – recycled PET bottles – to their bikes with trusty gaffer tape.




They had to ride slooow (comically slow in fact) to create the thick lines that you see. No wonder some of the lines are a bit wobbly.


A little kick of the bottle creates a nice splat!


Safety first. Our riders were highly visible. A big thanks to our friends at Hard Yakka for providing the vests.


Some pretty creative entries in the First In Best Vest competition judged back at ACCA by none other than the artist Jacqueline Donachie herself. Prizes included scottish novelty gifts and the sought-after ‘Best Vest’ trophy.


Chalky bikes!



Thanks to Carmen’s and Kookaberry Farm for their contributions to the delicious breakfast buffet.

Drawing visible for a limited time only – until the next heavy rain.
Slow down and look out for it!



One thought on “Melbourne Slow Down

  1. WOW!! Nice idea for slow down cycling on road….

    Posted by bestperthpainters | 06/04/2013, 7:39 pm

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