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NEW13 Artist Interviews, ACCA 2013

In this interview Linda Tegg discusses her work for NEW13. In Linda’s work, Tortoise, a group of performers come together under mirrored exoskeleton to form distinct organism. She is interested in how humans co-exist with others, animals and organisational structures, and how we condition things around us.

In this interview Jess MacNeil discusses her work for NEW13. Known for her work in video and painting, this is the first time Jess has worked with 16mm film.

In this interview Sanne Mestrom discusses her work for NEW13. Sanne is interested in ideas of appropriation, Art History and layers of reticulation. For NEW13 she has taken two iconic painters of the 20th century with widely divergent practices, Picasso and Giorgio Morandi, as the starting point for her work.

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)
16 March — 12 May 2013

NEW, ACCA’s annual commissions exhibition, offers rising Australian artists the chance to make a bold, brave new work for ACCA’s large exhibition spaces. The 2013 NEW artists , this year selected by ACCA’s Associate Curator Charlotte Day, are Benjamin Forster, Jess MacNeil, Alex Martinis Roe, Sanne Mestrom, Scott Mitchell, Joshua Petherick and Linda Tegg.



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