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The Soul Box

We’re enjoying the music spilling out of Nick Chilvers’ Soul Box on the final week of the ACCA Pop-Up Program. Singing over musical samples, loops and backing tracks Nick has given classic songs a new and even more soulful twist. Appropriated lyrics blend into his own personal material, injecting them full of personality and humour.

photoThe shipping container has become a social space, a comfy place to sit and listen to this unique mix of personal narrative and popular music. The human voice is intimate and emotional. The pop song serves to narrate the rudimentary subjects of desire and anguish, common to us all.
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If you happen to be walking past ACCA’s North Forecourt it’s hard to ignore.The record turntable, the boom box and the domestic sound system are rhythmic devices that bring moving bodies together.


Should you jiggle your hips in time with the beat, you may notice others doing the same. That’s just the nature of things in The Soul Box.

Open 11.30am – 2.30pm, Tuesday 17 September – Saturday 21 September.


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