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Danae Valenza works and lives in Melbourne. She is an interdisciplinary artist with a strong interest in music and collaboration. In her ‘phono-social’ experiments, Valenza works with musicians, performers, technicians and composers, producing works with a dynamic ‘visual musicality’, which are also informed by the history of music and the visual arts.


Kenny Pittock lives and works in Melbourne. He is an eclectic artist who works across drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and video, while using a combination of words, play and wordplay. Pittock’s humorous and optimistic practise engages with our experience of everyday life and his own life as a young artist.


Andrew Hazewinkel lives and works in Melbourne. He works with photography, sculpture, moving image and installation; drawing material from diverse fields, including archaeology, geology, museology and art history. His interests lie in the psychological correspondence between memory, materials and the body. Recent work investigates connections between the broken bodies of classical sculpture and our contemporary world. Here, he describes his work for NEW14.


Taree Mackenzie lives and works in Melbourne. Her videos and installations combine colour, light and space in surprising and wondrous ways, often through a live feed. Using simple lighting tricks and kinetics, Mackenzie builds works that challenge our received notions of visual perception. Here, she talks about her work for NEW14.



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