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NEW14 Artist Interviews

Jelena Telecki lives and works in Sydney. Her figurative oil paintings are mysterious, cinematic and darkly absurd. They allude to cultural, political and personal histories, often focussing on moments of failure or corruption. Her recent work draws upon Telecki’s experience of growing up in the former Yugoslavia. Here, she describes her work for NEW14

Charles Dennington talks about his work for NEW14. Dennington is a Sydney-based artist working with sculpture, photography, video and installation. He builds diverse associations between art objects and across mediums, emphasising ideas of discovery, materiality and interconnection. Recent works use fragments of autobiographical experiences to explore more universal ideas of perception and material presence.

Daniel McKewen lives and works in Brisbane. His appropriative videos and installations draw from the entertainment industry, cinema, television, print and online media. Both critical and complicit, McKewen’s works are the result of painstaking editing and extended engagement with his chosen cultural reference point, as well as its related fan cultures. In this interview, Daniel McKewen talks about his work for NEW14.

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)
March 15 — 18 May 2014

NEW, ACCA’s annual commissions exhibition, offers rising Australian artists the chance to make new work for ACCA’s large exhibition spaces. The 2014 NEW artists, selected by guest curator Kyla McFarlane, are Kenny Pittock, Danae Valenza, Taree Mackenzie, Charles Dennington, Daniel McKewen, Andrew Hazewinkel and Jelena Telecki



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